Tuesday, 20 September 2016

Lipi Prints

So, the grand date is fixed! Are forgetting something about the Mailing Stickers for invitation cards? It is just the opening, but holds a great value. In Kolkata even, there is a great availability of Mailing Stickers on the basis and customs of cultural trend, but what will be your best one? To fix all such dilemma Lipi Prints has brought the solution. It may be a matter of Labels for Indian wedding cards or simply you are seeking for some stickers for cars, our expert professionals are engaged to produce the best one in your affordable cost.

It is not hard to find a wedding card Mailing Stickers Printer shop in Kolkata, but to check the optimum variations and options; you surely have to hire an expert professional. Many individuals are unaware of these options.
Lipi Prints especially manage some stunning Stickers including:-
Colour Stickers * Designer Stickers * Metalic Stickers * TransparantTranslucent Stickers * Multi Colours Metalic Stickers *Gold Foil Printed Stickers * Odd Cut Stickers
There are so many events organized on a daily basis throughout India and our expert professionals always tend to produce the right kind of Materials with a better perspective to culture and custom. A good start always follows a better end. So, if you are going to enter your newly bought apartment, do not for forget to send some cheerful invitations to the guests. Our Specialized products varied with :-


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